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Processing Markdown in Python

In a previous article titled 'Introduction To Markdown For Programmers' we covered how to write and work with Markdown. In this article I am going to show you how to process markdown in a programmatic way in Python. We’ll need the Markdown library of Python to work with this. [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/19/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Introduction To Markdown For Programmers

Once humans used to write on stones to keep written records. Ancient people learned to use feathers as pens, and after that there were reed pens. If we fast forward in history, we we’ll get to the typewriter. Today of course we don’t need to use any of these as we have computers and a wi [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/18/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Working With HTML Elements With Jsoup

In a previous article I covered how to parse HTML documents with jsoup and various aspects involved. This article is dedicated to working with HTML elements with jsoup in Java. In the previous article I showed how to get started coding with jsoup and how to add the library to your project. So, I am [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/17/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Introduction to Kotlin for Java Developers

This lesson will introduce you to the world of Kotlin, a new programming language by JetBrains which is now officially a first-class citizen for Android. [...]

By Stephan Charko | 10/16/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Generics, Arrays And Collections In Java

In a previous article I introduced you to generic programming in Java. In this article we’ll go deeper and look at some problems with non-generic coding with collections, benefits of generics, and some extra fun with generics in Java. [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/13/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Mobile Monetization with StartApp

It started as just an idea, a little spark. But now, after countless hours and dollars invested, that idea has taken the long road to becoming a published app. But if your app is going to survive in today’s crowded marketplace, your monetization strategy and its execution will have to be spot [...]

By Aaron Raizen | 10/10/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Introduction To Generic Programming With Java

Object oriented programming languages are improving day by day and coding looks more like the work of humans than the work of machines. Somewhere in the unstoppable journey of improving the way we program, generic programming was invented. Generic programming helps us to not repeat code that looks t [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/10/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

New Working With Files In JavaScript With Node.js

For some very good reasons, JavaScript running on browsers cannot directly interact with the file system. But when we work on the server side with Node.js, working with the file system is a very common task. Nowadays, we create desktop, mobile, and IoT apps with the help of Node.js, so begin able to [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/9/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

String Manipulation In JavaScript With Node.js

Manipulating strings is a daily chore for a web programmers. No matter whether you develop frontend web application or backend web application in JavaScript, string manipulation is one of the most common tasks. In a previous article I taught you how to start programming with JavaScript. I also have [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/6/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

Enums In Java Explained

In the beginning of computer programming there were binary numbers to provide machines (computers) with instructions. Genius computer programmers devised another mechanism to code. They assigned symbols, characters, words for each set of binary instructions making life a lot easier for programmers. [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 10/4/2017 | General| Beginners Read More >

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