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Using MongoDB in PHP

In our previous MongoDB articles, we talked about import and export. In all the previous articles until now, we’ve been agnostic—we’ve only run MongoDB straight from the console. But in the real world we need to use some kind of programming language to run the database, and it does [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 3/16/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Angular 5 To-Do List App - Part 2

In the previous article we created a very simple To-Do list with Angular that is almost featureless. The code of the previous article can be found in article itself and the complete project can be found in the Github repository Learn Angular With Sabuj. Code from the first 10 articles can be found b [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 3/15/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ECMAScript 6 - for of loops

In a previous article we talked about generators and I mentioned that it’s important and interesting to make use of for of loops with generators. So what are for of loops? Let’s start first by talking about loops in general. The most popular loop, that we all know and love, is of course [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 3/14/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Angular 5 To-Do List App - Part 1

In the last article of Angular series we learned about "two way data binding and pipes in Angular." I covered the most important Angular fundamentals in the last 10 articles and I will cover more. But, before moving forward with other fundamental topics, it is much wiser to develop a real life appli [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 3/13/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

MongoDB - Import and Export

In the last guide, we talked about GridFS—how to store files in MongoDB. In this article we’ll cover importing and exporting MongoDB from one machine to another. There are a few reasons to import and export. Sometimes is part of the deployment, or in other words moving from one environme [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 3/12/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ECMAScript 6 - Set and Map

Saving data in JavaScript always used to  be carried out in objects, or arrays of objects. Before ES6 JavaScript lacked the map type of object (a structure designed to save data in most languages). Because of this, we had to use objects in order to save data. For example: [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 3/9/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Two Way Data Binding and Pipes in Angular

In all our articles we have been using one way bindings. For property binding and interpolation it is from the component to the template (or view to be precise) and for event binding it’s from the template to the component. We could not communicate in both way at the same time or with the same [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 3/8/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

MongoDB - Using GridFS

In the last article we look at indexes in MongoDB. In the article we’ll be learning about one of the coolest features in Mongo: storing any and every file type out there! It’s true! And while we can do this in MySQL, file storage in MongoDB has several important advantages with the most [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 3/7/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Event Binding in Angular

In our journey of learning Angular we have covered quite a lot of things up until now. We also touched on some necessary concepts for having our work done for the time being. To change views and data dynamically we learned interpolation, property binding, attribute binding, style binding and class b [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 3/6/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ECMAScript 6 - Text Strings and Dates

One of the coolest things in ES6 is the way in which it allows us to work with text strings. Let’s jump right into an example: [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 3/5/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

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