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by Superpowered

Cross Platform iOS and Android Audio SDK
Helps with: Audio Libraries,Cross Platform Frameworks,Game Development
Similar to: FLAC App LAME MP3 Encoder App MAD App Musepack SV8 App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: C

What is it all about?

Superpowered is an Audio Engine for Games, Music and Interactive Audio Apps on Android, iOS & OSX.Low Latency Audio. Cross Platform.

Key Features

* Lowest Latency Audio Processing on Mobile Devices: Faster than OpenSL ES, Core Audio or vDSP/Accelerate. * 100% Code Resuability: Copy-Paste code between iOS, Android and OSX. * Simple Orthogonal API: Removes messy connection and unnecessary audio graph abstractions. Integrates with existing processing code. No more spaghetti code. * Radically Efficient Power Consumption: Outstanding power-to-watt ratio. Minimum 4x battery life improvement compared to OpenSL ES and 2x better than Core Audio. * Not a software wrapper Standalone audio processing: Patent-pending Superpowered digital signal processing technology super-powers performance. * Consistent API and Feature-Set Across Android and iOS versions: No more fragmentation issues. Same audio features and quality on all devices starting from Android 3.0 and iOS 5.1 to present. * HTTP Live Streaming to Android, iOS and OSX: No audio drop-outs. Multiple download strategies. No fragmentation issues. HLS integrated into audio player. HTTP Live Streaming that works. * iOS, Android and OSX Update Shock Proof: OS updates won't break audio code. * No Interrupt Handling Needed: Superpowered operates independently of mobile OS media servers. * Fastest FFT for Audio: Polar FFT 2x faster than vDSP. Switching back and forth between the time domain and the frequency domain has never been easier or faster. * Works 'Out of the Box': Fastest way to get started on interactive audio app. Saves time and money in implementation and development. * Full Featured Audio Player with Integrated Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting: Built-in resampling, looping, cue points and HLS audio streaming. Eliminates need to develop additional player functionality.


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