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Git - Working with SSH Keys

Most Git repositories are secure, meaning we can’t access them anonymously, but rather need a username and password. OK, no problem, right? Well for one thing it’s pretty annoying, but also it’s not very secure to work with a username and password. First off, you need to remember t [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 9/14/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ES2018 - RegEx lookAhead and lookBehind

As I mentioned in the previous article, ES2018 has a few important additions related to regular expression—two of these which are quite nice are lookBehind and lookAhead. [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 9/12/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

React - Components

In the previous article, we learned about the basics in React—how to build a basic React application and creating our first working environment. All of the code that we’re writing at this stage is inside of HTML script tags which you’ll find it below where it’s written ALL TH [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 9/5/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Docker - Getting into Containers and more

In the last article, our first in this series on Docker, we learned about Docker containers and I demonstrated running a container that runs PHP. We also saw that a container is like a service—I can start as many as I want according to a certain pattern. In this article we’ll dive a litt [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/30/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Git - Stash

In our last Git article, we looked at Git Alias which allows us to make useful shortcuts. In this article, I’ll explain how to use a nice little feature of Git that allows us to locally store our work—Git stash. [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/27/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ES2018 - RegEx Named Capture Groups

As you know (or maybe don’t know), the new ES2018 standard of JavaScript contains more than a few new features connected to regular expressions. RegEx is used quite a bit in JavaScript, especially in Node.js, and the new standard has lots of help in this area. This feature is one of the better [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/21/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Introduction to React

What is React? Glad you asked—React is an open source library from Facebook that allows for the fast and easy development of internet sites and applications. When I use React, I can develop sophisticated, modern, and very complex applications with great speed and ease. React comes with more th [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/17/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Introduction to Docker

Generally, in the first paragraph of a guide, I lay the groundwork with an official definition of the subject in question and, taking that as a starting point, begin to explain how things work. The problem here with Docker is, even the official definition is pretty intimidating. For instance, here a [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/10/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Git - Alias

Previously, we learned how to work with GitHub, where the method of work was suitable for the work environment of nearly any company. It doesn’t matter if the company is working with Stash by Atlassian, or on a private GitHub repository, or on any other system. [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/7/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ES2018 - Asynchronous Iteration

One of the most interesting features in ES2018, which is still pretty new, is Asynchronous Iterations. In order to understand Asynchronous Iterations, we need to dive a little into the amazing world of iterators. And I promise you, it’s going to be a lot of fun. [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 8/3/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

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