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New Object Methods in ES2017

Objects were always problematic to iterate over in JavaScript. This is mostly due to the prototypes that complicate matters of iteration, and also because there really aren’t any good methods for iterating over objects. ES2017 tries to ease the issue by using entries—methods that return [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 6/27/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Git - Working with Branches

In the last article, we looked at working with a remote server, for which we used GitHub. We saw that it takes two stages—commits on the local version, and then a push of all the commits to the remote server. But the real power of Git is found in the branch management abilities, local and remo [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 6/24/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Node.js Backend Development - Implementing Improved Routing

Before talking about anything related to improved routing, I have a question for you. If you have ever used any web development framework in the past, in any programming language, do you feel that we are creating a mini web framework with our own hands? If yes, then I think you have carefully gone o [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 6/21/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ES2017 - Padding

This feature, which is really very simple, has a story that starts with a pretty significant scandal in the world of JavaScript. In order not to bore those of you who are not interested in the juicy story behind this feature, I’ll explain how the feature works first, and then tell the story of [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 6/20/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Git - Using Remote Servers in GitHub

In the last article, we learned about local commits. We covered how to create a repo from scratch, how to add different files to a commit, how we can check the commit with git status, how to execute the commit, and how we choose the changes with the git log. [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 6/15/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

ES2017 - Trailing Commas

It took all my strength not to call this article 2017 and the Mystery of the Missing Commas. I hope you appreciate that. Our next feature for ES2017 is a bit strange. In general, the features for 2015 and above are complicated but their explanations are simple. What I mean is, at first it’s ha [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 6/12/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Node.js Backend Development - Implementing Routing

In the previous article in this series on developing backend applications with Node.js, we learned how to work with URLs, request methods, and forms. The code of all the articles can be found on the Github repository Learn Node.js With Sabuj. Code for each article is separated into branches on the r [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 6/7/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

First Steps in Git - Basic Commands

In the last article we learned about installing Git and basic configurations. We also saw how Git works the same in Windows and Linux, and as such the commands are the same across platforms. [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 6/4/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Node.js Backend Development - Urls, Methods, & Forms

In the previous article we discussed response objects and various useful methods and attributes connected to it. I skipped less used methods and attributes. In this article we are going to learn how to work with URLs, request methods, and forms. You can find the code of the previous article on the G [...]

By Md. Sabuj Sarker | 5/31/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

Using Async in ES2017

I know that async sounds like an awful boy band from the 90’s, but the truth is that it’s one of the most anticipated new features of ES2017. As a reminder, one can already use it with Babel. It’s quite new, so much so that it’s not even in Node 8—and we won’t men [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 5/29/2018 | General| Beginners Read More >

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