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Delegation in Kotlin

According to Wikipedia, delegation refers to evaluating a member (property or method) of one object (the receiver) in the context of another original object (the sender). Kotlin lets us use the delegation design pattern, which we’ll demonstrate in this article. [...]

By Arjun Rao | 1/3/2020 | General| Beginners Read More >

ES2020 — Dynamic Import

A really cool new feature that’s part of the new JavaScript standard, ES2020, is dynamic import, which we can use with lazy loading (if you’re into that sort of thing). [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 12/17/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

Functions in TypeScript Part 1 — Parameters

In our last TypeScript article, we looked at loops. In this article, we’ll start looking at functions in TypeScript and dive deeper into parameters in TypeScript. [...]

By Arjun Rao | 12/6/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

Prevent phishing scams with noreferrer and noopener

In this article, we’ll look at two important HTML rel attributes that you may not be aware of: noopener and noreferrer. We’ll also look at why it’s important that they be included in every external link on your website.  [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 11/22/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

JavaScript ES2020 — globalThis

The new ES2020 standard contains several important additions to JavaScript. One of the more interesting additions, which also happens to be one of the easiest to understand, is called globalThis. Sometimes, especially in test scripts (but not only!), we need to access the global scope. What’s [...]

By Ran Bar-Zik | 11/15/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

Generics in Kotlin

As you probably know, Kotlin and Java have their similarities. One way in which this is true is how they allow for a type or method to operate on objects of various types. This is known as Generics. So in this article, we’ll take a quick look at how to implement generics in Kotlin and how deve [...]

By Arjun Rao | 11/6/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

JavaFX Calculator with Java code

Now that we’ve completed our Hello World tutorial let’s move on to another awesome app we’re going to build called CalculatorFX—a simple calculator done up twice. First we’ll code the screen directly with a single class file and then we’ll use FXML Scene Builder. [...]

By Subham Aggarwal | 10/30/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

Loops in TypeScript

In the previous article of our TypeScript series, we explored the topic of operators in TypeScript. Today, we’ll examine the issue of loops in TypeScript. [...]

By Arjun Rao | 10/15/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

9 Mobile Ad Networks - Alternatives to Google AdMob

Google's AdMob is surely the most common source of ads for monetizing your apps. This makes it the safe choice as well. If you are old enough, you may remember the saying, "No one ever got fired for buying IBM." The same philosophy could apply to choosing AdMob. [...]

By Bill Mann | 10/7/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

Searching Algorithms in Python

Searching is the technique of selecting specific data from a collection of data based on some condition. We are familiar with this concept from our experience in performing web searches to locate pages containing certain words or phrases or when looking up a phone number in the telephone book. In th [...]

By Subham Aggarwal | 10/2/2019 | General| Beginners Read More >

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