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The Unit Modeler ISDE Integrated Development Environments App

The Unit Modeler ISDE

by Ke Labs

Intelligent Software Development Environment
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
Similar to: LiteIDE X App ColdFusion App Adobe Flash Builder App PHPEdit App More...
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What is it all about?

A development environment used for creating custom information based applications. Any form of information can be modeled within the system to create a user friendly software application faster, and thus more cost effectively, without the use of traditional programming languages.

Key Features

* It is based on the Information Unit Model * Highly visual * Point and click, guided * Intelligent assistance * Quick learning curve * The Public Library of domains * Extensive Help and Examples * Development Resource Center - The Development Resource Center (DRC) provides access to available assists, tools, help texts and pages. This form conveniently docks to the side of your workspace so that you can leave it open for easy access. The DRC provides a tree-view list that can be searched and filtered by the type of object you are searching. * Debugging tool - The Unit Modeler ISDE offers an enhanced debugger that allows you to step through processes from any point and make changes at any time. With the highly visual nature of the environment, you can actually see the flow of the process as it runs. * Automated GUI - The environment encapsulates the task of creating GUIs (graphic user interfaces). Forms are automatically generated, enabling you to focus on your subject-matter, not the intricacies of software development. This feature can be a huge advantage over software programming languages, where building forms can be very cumbersome and time-intensive. You can still customize the default forms, but the default forms do a surprisingly good job of providing the functionality you want. At the very least, they provide an excellent starting framework. * Complex Algorithms - Thanks to the Information Unit Model, any unit can represent any number of actions, all of which can be strung together to create powerful algorithms. * Feature Rich User Interfaces - GUI’s can be completely automated, or completely customized. Integrate numerous features directly into any window pane, including calculations, visualizations and information management. * Extensive Visualizations - The Unit Modeler ISDE comes fully equipped with visualization capabilities. Access information and immediately plot it to 2D or 3D graphs, each complete with interactive point and click capabilities. * Database and networking support - The Unit Modeler ISDE provides tools that help automate many tasks related to databases or networks. These tools enable rapid development of databases and network-enabled client/server applications.


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