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LabWindowsCVI Integrated Development Environments App


by National Instruments

Take Concept to Hardware Faster
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
Similar to: RAINCODE COBOL Compiler App Zend Studio App Oracle Developer Studio App ColdFusion App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Supported OS:
Languages: C

What is it all about?

An ANSI C integrated development environment (IDE) and engineering toolbox with built-in libraries for measurement, analysis, and engineering UI design.

Key Features

* OpenMP Support * Windows 8.1 Support * Side-by-Side Run Time * ANSI C99 Language Extensions * Backward Compatibility * Multicore Programming * Run Applications on Linux * Advanced Analysis * 500+ Analysis Functions * User Interface * UI Tooltips * Progress Bar Control * Graph and Strip Chart Controls * Native Tab and Tree Controls * Table Control and Toolbars * Knobs, Tanks, and Temperature Controls * Arrays of UI Controls * Integrated Workspace Environment * Function Navigation Pull-Down List * Batch Auto-Indent Support in Source Window * Execution Profiler Toolkit ¹ * Source Code Control * Project Templates * Function Panel HTML Generation * System Deployment * Code Comment Tags * Attribute Browser * Collapsible Source Code Regions * Auto Backup and Recover * Localization Support on the UI * Drag-and-Drop Ability * Project Wizard * UI Editor * Custom-Build Configurations * Patchable User Distributions * Custom FPGA-Interface C API Function Panels * Compiler * LLVM Optimizing Compiler Infrastructure * Build Source Files in Parallel * Edit Code While Building * Compiler Warning Levels * Precompiled Headers * Third-Party Release Compilers * Command-Line Compiler * Debugger * Detach From Process * Debuggable Static Libraries * Variables and Watch Windows * Automatic Memory Leak Detection * Remote Debugging * Change Point of Execution * Quick-Edit Variables in Tooltips * Multicore Execution Tracing * Attach to Preexisting Process * Engineering Libraries * Network Streams API * Advanced TDMS Data Streaming API * SQL Toolkit² * PID Toolkit³ * Microsoft .NET Support * Interface to Win32 API * Network Variable Communication * Development of Real-Time Applications * Database Connectivity * Visual Studio Wizards * Hardware Communication * Wireless Measurements * Multicore Hardware * USB, PCI, and PCI Express Measurements * PXI, PXI Express, and Modular Instruments Hardware * 10,000+ Instrument Drivers * GPIB and VISA Integration


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