Zend Studio Integrated Development Environments App

Zend Studio

by Zend

PHP IDE for smarter development
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
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What is it all about?

A commercial, proprietary integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP developed by Zend Technologies, based on the PHP Development Tools (PDT) plugin for the Eclipse platform (the PDT project is led by Zend).

Key Features

* PHP 7 support The fastest way to move your code to PHP 7 is with Zend Studio. It ships with the best-in-market PHP 7 support, PHP 7 express migration tool, and seamless integration with Zend Server 9. PHP 7 is the default interpreter for Zend Studio, and all new projects are configured for PHP 7. It provides support for the newest scripting concepts in PHP 7, such as return type declarations, anonymous classes, the spaceship operator, group use declarations, scalar type hints, and more. * Code editor The rich and smart code editor understands your code and its structure right off the bat. It supports the latest PHP 7, as well as the older versions of PHP for compatibility with legacy projects. It also includes support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. * Debugging and PHP profiler Zend Studio provides best-in-market integration with debug tools like Xdebug, Zend Debugger, and Z-Ray. With multiple debugging options, you get more advanced debugging capabilities. For faster development, Zend Studio automatically detects and validates your PHP binary or local server settings. * Mobile app development Zend Studio facilitates the creation of mobile applications on top of your existing PHP applications and server back-end. * Source control, PHP unit testing, and built-in tools Enhanced source control integration helps you work smoothly with SVN, CVS, Git, and GitHub. Import easily your existing repositories into your workspace, and collaborate with other team members. *Testing: Streamlined PHPUnit workflows for writing and executing unit testing help you write more reliable code. *Code Documentation: The Integrated PHPDocumentor 2 facilitates a quick and easy generation of user-friendly documentation. *The richest library of plug-ins and add-ons Based on the Eclipse platform, Zend Studio gives you access to the largest eco-system of add-on features and plugins. With the Eclipse Marketplace Client pre-installed, it’s easy to find and install community plugins. *Integration with popular technologies *Docker support Zend Studio includes new Docker tooling that supports the management of Docker Images and Containers. It integrates with existing PHP tooling which allows running, testing and debugging PHP applications on Docker Containers with a PHP stack. *Git Flow support Zend Studio comes with integration for EGit 4.2 and 4.3. One of the highlights in this new version is the support for the Git Flow branching model which is pretty commonly used among PHP developers.


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