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Ninja IDE

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Is Not Just Another IDE
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
Similar to: LiteIDE X App ColdFusion App Adobe Flash Builder App PHPEdit App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: Python

What is it all about?

A cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) designed to build Python applications. It provides tools to simplify Python software development and handles many kinds of situations thanks to its rich extensibility.

Key Features

* Powerful Code Editor * Light weight IDE * Common functions such as: file handling, find in files code locator, go to line, tabs, automatic indentation, editor zoom, etc. * Multi-platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows. * Syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages. Even though it is intended to be mainly a Python IDE, it can also handle several other languages. * Static and PEP 8 error highlighting. * Show tips to help migrate code from Python2 to Python3. * Embedded Python console. * Project management, allowing to add, modify and delete files and folders to projects, creating automatically the "" files inside each module, etc. * Allows to show/hide the panels of the interface in a very simple way to fit each programmer's preferences. * Completely configurable UI. * Allows using more than one editor at once. * An extensible plug-in system, which creation the IDE supports. * Session handling: remembers opened files and projects after closing the IDE. * Code Auto-completion. * Code Locator: Lets you jump to any code in your project with just a few keystrokes.


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