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A beautiful app tracking platform for app developers and publishers.
Helps with: Business Intelligence
Similar to: EasyQuery App AppCodes App AppMonsta API App AppTweak API App More...
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Languages: Java Python Java Script Objective C Swift Ruby

What is it all about?

AppFigures is a beautiful app tracking platform for app developers and publishers. We automatically grab and visualize everything that matters by combining sales & download numbers, world-wide reviews & ranks, and other juicy data into powerful, easy to understand reports.

Key Features

* Multiple Stores - Track all your mobile apps in one place. We’re integrating new stores all the time. * Developer API - The best API to the app store. Infinite flexibility that integrates easily. * Event Tracking - Mark relevant developments. Learn what's effective. Make smarter decisions. * Sub User Access - Share data with colleagues, easily limiting access to only pertinent apps. * Fully Customizable - The interface adapts to you. Every detail made to order. If only life was this good... * Mobile Love - Mobile device compatible. Wherever you go, so goes your analytics. * Currency Simplicity - Choose one currency. Simplify your metrics. Comparisons made easy. * Easy to Export - Export any table to a spreadsheet. Save data any way you want.


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