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Anaconda Python IDE

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naconda turns your Sublime Text 3 into a full featured Python developm
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: C CPP Python

What is it all about?

The main goal of anaconda is to provide a high performance python development environment, this is why anaconda will never freeze your SublimeText 3 as everything in anaconda runs concurrent and asynchronous using an asynchronous client-server architecture.

Key Features

* Code Linting: Lint Python syntax errors and PEP8 violations. * Imports Validation: Check if file imports are valid. * Auto Imports: Try to import the undefined word under the cursor. * Auto Format PEP8 Violations: Try to solve automatically PEP8 errors in the file. * Disable Linting on File: Useful when you don't want to lint a file. * Show Documentation: Open a bottom pannel with documentation about the class, method or function where your cursor is. * McCabe Complexity Checker: Analyze your code with the Code Complexity Checker McCabe to detect overcomplex algorithms or functions.


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