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by Intersoftsolutions

ASP.NET Web Controls
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Languages: CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

Built upon solid Framework, WebUI provides innovative and advanced 40+ premium quality UI components for ASP.NET that let you build powerful business web application effortless in timely fashion.

Key Features

* WebUI Unified Theming: Introducing the all-new Unified Theming framework, you can now universally theme your WebUI-powered apps and give it a refreshed, yet consistent new look-and-feel. Advanced functionality wrapped in a beautiful design. What's there not to love? It's the WebUI you've never seen before, all rebuilt with latest web trends and technologies. * Retina-sharp SVG icons: More than 250+ new retina sharp-icons are introduced in this release, all designed in SVG for the most eye-pleasing viewing experience on all kind of devices and screen resolutions. * Built with SASS: SCSS, the CSS on steroids, is now the first-class citizen in WebUI components. Featuring thousands of pre-defined variables and mixins, it dramatically changes the way you style WebUI components to achieve consistent look and feel in your apps. * Biggest WebUI Revolution: The latest release includes major version for all 40+ WebUI components which have been redesigned from the ground-up to support the new unified theming framework which provides a streamlined styling across all WebUI components, and first-class support for latest modern browsers. * Unrivaled performance: Featuring advanced innovations such as client-side binding, native JSON support, LINQ to SQL, CSS compression and more, WebUI delivers only the best performance components without compromise. * Flexibility to code: WebUI provides highly customizable settings to enable you customizing almost every style of visual elements, default behaviors, and more. Every lineup is equipped with comprehensive server and client APIs for greater control and flexibility.


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