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FusionCharts Web Controls App


by Fusioncharts

JavaScript Charts for Web & Mobile
Helps with: JavaScript,Web Controls
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Source Type: Open - Extra Fee
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Languages: CS

What is it all about?

FusionCharts Suite XT is packed contains features that let you have full control over the aesthetics and behavior of all the charts.

Key Features

Easily Integrate with Other Libraries, Frameworks and Languages: Not a big fan of vanilla JavaScript? No problem! We have got you covered - FusionCharts comes with open-source plugins for popular libraries (jQuery), frameworks (AngularJS & React) and languages (ASP.NET & PHP). Now it's super easy to integrate FusionCharts with your current stack. Choose from 90+ Charts and 1000+ Maps: From the basic charts (line, column, pie etc. - 2D & 3D) to the most complex ones (waterfall, gantt, candlestick, zoomline etc.), we have the most exhaustive collection of javascript charts, widgets & maps in the industry. There is a good probability that the visualization you are thinking of, is already present in our package. Business Dashboards and Live Examples: Gallery of 800+ live examples makes it easy to get started with FusionCharts. Just fork the fiddle with the chart you want to make instead of starting from scratch. We have a collection of business dashboards with downloadable source code for inspiration. Use cases included are sales, finance, marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and IT. Oh! and a music player too! Mold It the Way You Want: FusionCharts gives you complete flexibility to customize the charts according to your wish. You can centrally control the cosmetics of your charts like background color, plot colors, fonts etc. with our advanced theming engine. With extensive event handling capabilities, control how your charts behave under different scenarios. Right from data loading to chart rendering, user interactions to error handling, choose from a growing list of 100+ events to micro control your charting experience. One Click Export to Image, PDF or SVG: With FusionCharts, it is very easy to download/export all your JavaScript charts to the format of your choice - JPEG, PNG, PDF or SVG. All you need to do is include a single line of code. Both client-side and server-side exporting is supported. Advanced Features: Huge set of advanced features is what separates FusionCharts from other libraries. Features like drill-down, adding custom shapes, real-time charts, intelligent label management, custom tooltips, visually editable charts, multi-lingual charts, trendlines etc. are supported out of the box. Dedicated Tech Support: We are here to help if you are ever stuck! Use our forum, live-chat, or StackOverflow tags to get answers to all your technical queries.


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