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Awesomium.NET Web Controls App


by Awesomium

Awesomium .NET wrapper
Helps with: Scraping,UI Frameworks,Web Controls,XML
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Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP VB.NET

What is it all about?

Awesomium.NET is a tool for web-browsers capabilities for applications. it wraps all the exciting features of Awesomium into a collection of .NET assemblies. the framework handles almost all the low-level tasks (network stack, HTML parsing, JS engine, layout, rendering etc.) but you can redefine much of the low-level behavior if you’d like (expose methods and data to Javascript, implement your own resource back-end, modify headers, and more).

Key Features

◾Rendering performance has been noticeably improved. ◾Visual Studio integration has been greatly improved. The Windows installer now includes project templates and will automatically register all .NET controls in your VS Toolbox. ◾On Windows, Awesomium will be installed into the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) and all dependencies will be automatically deployed to your output directory when you link against the managed assembly. ◾Child Process configuration has been added. This will allow you to use your own executable to host the WebView child-process (that way, in the Task Manager, all sub-processes will share the name of your executable). ◾Mono support has been improved across all platforms. Now uses a single assembly for all platforms and automatically loads Awesomium dependencies via ldd on Linux. ◾Integrates all recent core changes (History API, Login Dialogs, Javascript Dialogs, etc.)


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