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Telerik UI

by Telerik

Helps with: Web Controls
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Languages: CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

Features and Controls for building ASP.NET apps for any browser and device.

Key Features

* Complete Set of Features and Controls: Benefit from 90+ ASP.NET controls for every need. * Mobile Support and Responsiveness: Telerik ASP.NET controls work on mobile just as well as they do on desktop web. * 20 Built-In Professional Grade Skins: Theme your sites or apps by changing a single property. * Exceptional Performance and User Experience: Enjoy continuous performance optimizations for all controls. * HTML5-Based Rendering: Utilize the lightweight rendering to save a big portion of the HTML, CSS and resources used by the controls. * Developer Friendly Toolset: Leverage rich Design-time Wizards and intuitive API. * Seamless UX Across Devices and Browsers: Your applications will look and work flawlessly across all major browsers. * Standards Compliance and Accessibility: Build standards-compliant and accessible applications. * SharePoint Integration and Web Parts: Build sleek and easy-to-customize SharePoint farm solutions faster.


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