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5 Top GUI Controls Libraries in 2017

5 Top GUI Controls Libraries in 2017

When developing an application there are several vital issues that must be considered beyond others. The content of the application could be as perfect as possible and very useful but if you compromise the user experience by creating a display that does not seem inviting and user friendly, users will lose their interest very quickly. Although this application seems to have a lot of potential it will not reach it. This article summarizes our five leading and powerful UI control platforms in the market. The following toolkits offer a wide range of tools and with some of them not requiring previous programming knowledge due to their user-friendly interface. 




DevExpress .NET UI Controls is a set of productivity tools for .NET, mobile and web. Provides a variety of tools for different purposes and platforms that are easy to use and saves valuable time. DevExpress package includes Winforms, ASP.NET, MVC Extensions and more. DevExpress also allows you to choose from various templates for each platform and to customize your own controls in terms of location and command. The interface also allows you to build applications without writing any code and allows you to set up controls easily and efficiently by right click on any control and set the it's properties. The WinForms pack contains more than 140 Controls and Libraries. Some of them are of a similar nature to existing controls but with the addition of many capabilities and functionalities to it. Additionally, the ASP.NET pack contains more than 100 WebForms Controls, Libraries and ASP.NET MVC Extensions. The WPF pack supplies more than 95 Controls and Libraries. Among all the tools offered, you can find Data Grid, Text Editor, Scheduler and the Navigation Bar. When it comes to the learning curve, the majority of the controls are easy to use and function similarly to default WinForms controls. However, the advanced features are able to take some time to control the principle of functionality is very similar so from the moment you get used to the concepts and principles of one or more controls, you will be able to control and settings the most of the controls Thanks the fact they use a consistent naming pattern.



Kendo UI

Telerik includes a wide range of UI frameworks and controls tools in various fields. Among Telerik's packages you can find Kendo UI. Kendo is highly common. it offers UI Component for HTML, JavaScript Integrates with Angular. It supplies more than 70 UI controls and a set of more than 10 widgets (grid, graphics / charts, drop-down list, etc.), which is based on jQuery. The framework uses technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and offers support for data binding, templates, animation, drag-and-drop and more. Kendo UI Produces a UI that looks like the operating system it's running on: iOS, Android, etc. It is possible to make a mistake at first glance in the application and think that it is a native application of the operating system. Developers promise high speed and excellent support for Twitter Bootstrap.



ComponentOne provides toolkit of individual .NET UI controls for desktop,wecb and mobile in each platform respectively. Among the platform editions that available the WinForms Edition and the WPF Edition cintains more than 60 .NET Grids, Charts and Reports.The LightSwitch includes UI controls designed for cloud, web, and desktop. At the web field you can find ASP.NET MVC Controls , Wijmo which offers JavaScript Controls. Silverlight supply grids and charts and ASP.NET Web Forms for web application developing. For the mobile area you can find Xamarin UI Controls for developing native iOS, Android and Windows applications. For Android and iOS the Xuni pack is suggested. contains native UI Controls such as grids, charts, and gauges suitable for each device respectively. For iOS you can choose coding with Objective-C or Swift in Xcode and for Android you can choose from Eclipse or Android Studio. There is also the UWP package for Windows 10 offers more than 40 Controls for each Windows platform.




The company made it's name for developing components of user interfaces for third-party developers on all platforms, including .NET. Infragistics supply a set of web and deskop controls for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript/HTML 5 ,WPF and Windows forms. In the mobile field, Infragistics supplies controls for Xamarin at C# and XAML, for iOS, Android and UWP. includes Grids, charts, gauges, barcodes, Styling & Themes and Editors Interactions to architect your native apps by using a single codebase. In addition iOS Controls provides Xamarin.iOS Support and Widgets by uising C#. In the HTML & JavaScript area Infragistics suggest the Ignite UI toolkit for developing responsive apps with AngularJS,Angular 2 and Bootstrap support. In addition Indigo Studio pack allow developres create and test real-time prototypes.




Syncfusion Essential Studio offers a wide complex of UI controls for creating .NET applications for many platforms. Among others you can find the ASP.NET MVC extensive pack, the ASP.NET toolkit which includes DataGrid, Chart, Gantt, Diagram, Schedule and more. In addtion you will find web pack which designed for HTML5 and JavaScript or Silverlight and it's extension (LightSwitch). And like the leading companies are mentioned above, Syncfusion also offers Windows form, WPT and UWP controls. When it comes to mobile Syncfusion supply more than 40 WinRT controls, extensive controls package for Windows Phone. As for Netive programing, Syncfusion offers a rech package of Xamarin adjusted for iOS and Android. Addtionally to the Native field, Syncfusion also offers solutions for hybrid development by Orubase which is a free comprehensive toolkit designated for hybrid mobile development by Microsoft Visual Studio and Apache Cordova.

By Matan Aspis | 3/28/2017 | General

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