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GUI components for .NET
Helps with: Controls,Reporting,Toolkits and HTTP,Web Controls
Similar to: DevCraft App Componentone studio App UISuite App MVCSuite App More...
Source Type: Open - Extra Fee
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Languages: CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

Devexpress is a Toolset which is designed to address the UI and reporting needs of developers targeting the WinForms platform. Create compelling, easy-to-use experiences and emulate the UI of today's most popular productivity apps with the 140+ controls that ship as part of the DevExpress WinForms subscription.

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Key Features

ASP.NET Controls and ASP.NET MVC Extensions - UI Controls for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. WinForms Controls - UI Controls for Windows Forms. 90+ WPF Controls- UI Controls for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Windows 10 App Controls. Cross platform reporting and document server for the .NET Framework. HTML 5 Automated Web Test Read and Write XLS, PDF, DOC and RTF Files.


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Universal Subscription $2,199.99

DXperience Subscription $1,499.99

WinForms Subscription $899.99


Product Analysis


GUI components and Controls for desktop and web development

Third Party Controls provided by DevExpress.

Third Party Controls provided by DevExpress.

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 3/15/2017 | Product Analysis |Beginners

DevExpress, also known as Developer Express Inc., was founded in 1998 and began as a software development company that produced UI Controls for Borland Delphi/C++Builder and ActiveX Controls for Microsoft Visual Studio.

DevExpress has evolved steadily over time to become a noteworthy company know for producing sophisticated third party components and line-of-business applications for developers using Delphi/C++Builder, Visual Studio and HTML5/JavaScript technologies.

A wide range of DevExpress products focus on Windows based development platforms and Windows operating systems. Developers and software development teams that make use of the third party components will be keen to evaluate DevExpress Products under the following criteria:

1. Feature set and Product range.

2. Ease of use / deployment.

3. Documentation and product support.


     1. Feature Set and Product range.

DevExpress has an extensive range of third-party controls that includes:

  • ASP.NET Controls and ASP.NET MVC Extensions - UI Controls for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC.
  • Silverlight Subscription - UI Controls for Microsoft Silverlight.
  • WinForms Controls - UI Controls for Windows Forms.
  • WPF Controls- UI Controls for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Windows 10 App Controls.
  • DevExtreme Mobile - HTML5 and JavaScript based Application Framework that can generate native applications for smartphones and tablets (Windows Phone, iOS and Android).
  • DevExtreme Visual Studio Integration.
  • Reporting and Report Server - Server-based report generation software system.
  • VCL Subscription - UI Controls for the VCL Framework used by Delphi and C++Builder developers.
  • TestCafé - Functional Testing Tool for Web Developers
  • Document Server - .NET Framework Library for processing files in XLS, DOC, RTF, ZIP, PDF formats and generating Barcodes.
  • CodeRush - Microsoft Visual Studio Add-ins.
  • Data Visualization Dashboard.
  • eXpressApp Framework.
  • DataExplorer for iOS.

According to developers, DevExpress controls are lighter and more optimized when compared to products from its competitors. DevExpress controls are reputed to allow conditional binding and rendering of a grid from the server side. So if you have large amount of columns, you have the option of displaying a ‘select pull’ instead of pulling all, rendering, and then hiding columns with JS as is the case with some third-party controls.

For a developer who wants to choose from the wide array of third party controls from

DevExpress, the choice will depend on the desired or required functionality from a third party control which brings us to the second evaluation criteria—Ease of use.

    2. Ease of Use.

End Users report that it is easy to get started with DevExpress tools. The tools come with an intuitive API, properties etc. and it is quite easy to setup even in complex scenarios. In addition, DevExpress gives developers access to a free product trial for 30 days and demo pages so that developers and prospective end users can see what is offered first hand.

However, you will agree that while developers might say that it is fast and easy to get started with DevExpress controls, what might be intuitive for one person might be difficult for the next.

As such, it is advisable to take advantage of the free trials and demos in order to explore the components thoroughly before making a final decision.

    3. Documentation and Product Support.

DevExpress has an extensive documentation with many examples and case studies for developers. These resources contain more detailed documentation for the products they offer to developers. For end users or prospective users who might want to talk to someone in real time, you can currently chat online with members of the DevExpress Team who are available on Monday-Friday between 7:30am and 4:30pm Pacific Time.

Developers who have worked with different third-party control companies have indicated that DevExpress support is better than most and provides answers that are clear.

In conclusion, while pricing and licensing are issues that developers are not used to dealing with and are best left for management, DevExpress requires each developer within an organization to obtain an individual license for DevExpress products.

Multi-User licenses are currently offered at the following rates:

  • 2-5 Licenses: 10% discount
  • 6-10 Licenses: 15% discount

Pricing also varies according to product requirements and DevExpress offers developers a Universal bundle which is a package that comes with all the fore mentioned products, plus Dashboard software, Microsoft Coded UI Test functional testing support for Windows Forms Controls, ExpressApp Framework for producing WinForms and ASP.NET front-ends. Companies that require more than 10 licenses would need to contact the organization directly. DevExpress is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with the "Application Development" competency and an Embarcadero Technology Partner and has gotten some industry recognition for its products including:

  • Best of TechEd Awards: Universal Subscription won a Best of TechEd 2014 award in the Software Development category and.
  • Dr. Dobbs Jolt Awards: Universal Subscription - Jolt Award Winner in the Best Programmer Libraries Category.
  • Best of TechEd awards in 2011 (Software Development category), 2009 (Business Intelligence and Overall Attendees' Pick), 2008 (Breakthrough Product and Overall Attendees' Pick) and 2007 (Attendees' Pick for Web Development and Infrastructure).
  • DevProConnections Readers' Choice Awards in 2012 (5 gold and 9 silver awards), 2011 (5 gold and 5 silver awards), and 2010 (11 gold awards).
  • Best of Connections 2011 awards in the Best Visual Studio Product category. It was also a runner-up in Best ASP.NET/Silverlight Product.
By Oreofe Jolaoso | 3/15/2017 | Product Analysis

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