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Xceed Business Suite for WPF Controls App

Xceed Business Suite for WPF

by xceed

UI controls for WPF
Helps with: Controls,Web Controls
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Languages: CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

An essential set of 104 high-quality, high-performance WPF controls and themes. Includes the industry’s most widely appreciated WPF datagrid. Backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.

Key Features

• All controls created entirely for WPF and built for .NET 4.6, 4.5 and 4.0, written in C# and XAML. .NET/WPF 3.5 builds are available. • Can be used in conjunction with the MVVM and MVC design and architectural patterns. • Source code available with the Blueprint Subscription. • Controls support UI virtualization. • Design-time support. • CLS compliant, uses no unsafe blocks. No special permissions are required, can run within limited permission sets. • Based on a flexible and extensible object model, with modular and reusable visual elements. • Supports the WPF command infrastructure. • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio is provided. • Supports Right-To-Left and Inking. • Supports regional settings including numbers, money type, dates, etc. • All error handling works through .NET exception classes. • Can also be used in your Windows Forms applications.


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