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Nevron Open Vision for .NET Controls App

Nevron Open Vision for .NET

by Nevron Software LLC

End-to-end platform for LOB UI and Application development with .NET
Helps with: Controls,Reporting,UI Frameworks,Web Controls
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Languages: CS

What is it all about?

Nevron Open Vision for .NET is an end-to-end application development platform based on .NET. It provides a powerful set of UI controls and heavy components which allow to create applications and User Interfaces for multiple operating systems from a single code base.

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Key Features

* Advanced Charting solution for .NET: Nevron Chart for .NET is the industry leading charting solution for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and MVC application development. The chart control can display virtually any 2D, 3D Chart or Gauge with a superior quality. Packed with hundreds of intuitive examples (along with the source code) and many advanced features, Nevron Chart allows you to start quickly using no code at all. Nevron Chart for .NET is the preferred choice for any business, scientific, financial or presentational application, or even full-featured integrated Dashboards and Business Intelligence solutions. * Advanced Gauges for .NET development: Nevron Gauge for .NET is suitable for any digital dashboard solution, desktop or web application, that needs to visualize KPIs, Scorecards and MMI interfaces. The Gauge for .NET features a complete set of Radial and Linear gauges, LED displays, State Indicators, Advanced Axes and stunning visual effects. * Advanced Diagramming framework for .NET: Nevron Diagram for .NET is helping you integrate and display sophisticated Diagrams and Maps in your .NET WinForms, ASP.NET and MVC applications. It is a complete diagramming solution packed with many interactivity features, shapes, automatic layouts, stunning visual effects and comes equipped with ready to use controls to boost your application development. Carefully crafted to meet different industry requirements, the Diagram provides unmatched extensibility options which will allow you to integrate the solution better into the context of your particular application. * Advanced Mapping for WinForms and ASP.NET: Part of Nevron Diagram Enterprise edition, the Map can help you with the integration of maps to visualize and annotate geographical data in your WinForms and ASP.NET applications. Nevron Map for .NET features full support for ESRI file format, 22 projection types, intelligent layer properties (show/hide layers based on zoom level), rules based styling, automatic naming and labeling of map elements, non-overlapping labels layout and many more. * Powerfull WinForms User Interface Controls: Nevron User Interface for .NET is the only suite on the market with such remarkable render quality and speed. Use of pluggable renderers and palettes leverages the simplicity and extensibility of all components. Explore a rich and powerful docking library, professional command bars and a set of extended Windows Forms controls designed to bring to your Windows Forms App.


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