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Monetize your app with native ads
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What is it all about?

YeahMobi allows you to advertise with Native Ads and get closer to your potential users. Native Ads solutions offer better integration for your ads and better results. Get your product directly in front of your users and better engagement metrics.

Key Features

◾Accurate targeting: Campaign optimization on region, device type, pricing, vertical and more. ◾ Global Reach: Direct integration in top apps with huge user base in multiple GEOs. ◾High-quality users: 150% higher purchase intent and 220% improved response rates to ads displayed.


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Product Analysis

Ad Networks

SDKs to add advertising to your mobile applications

YeahMobi Advertise

YeahMobi Advertise

By A | 12/13/2016 | Product Analysis |Beginners

Yeahmobi is a Chinese company dedicated to advertising products, mainly programs and mobile games. Yeahmobi gets paid on a CPI basis and is one of the fastest growing companies in this niche.


So, you have developed a groundbreaking app that is going to change the world, great. Now what? Because you are the only one who knows how cool your app is. You and your development team, that is. You need to sell your product or at least you need people to know it because if not you are not going to get any installs.

This is probably the biggest mistake of indie development companies. They have a good programmer, they can have a good graphic artist, a sound artist and maybe they even have a professional designer, but they completely forget about marketing. The romantic idea of having a great app that will be sold because it’s so cool is as sweet as naïve. When you are developing apps, the quality of your product is just one of the factors and, according to marketing experts, not a decisive one.

The most deciding factor to get installs and sell an app is good marketing. You can actually sell a botched app if you invest enough in marketing regardless of its quality. This is why big companies spend more money in marketing than they do in development. Because sadly, development is just a part of the process when you want to make money out of your hard work.

If you have considered to marketize your app, Yeahmobi is a good candidate for mobile apps. They specialize in mobile apps and games so, all their traffic is targeted to this niche and if you are hiring their services you are not likely to get traffic that you don’t desire. It is good to have a specialized platform for just mobile games because most of the time, when you see a marketing platform you can get traffic from very different sources and many of them aren’t useful to sell a mobile app.

Using Yeahmobi to marketize your game is very easy. Just login to their website, create a campaign, fund it, sit back and wait for installs. As simple as that. They take care of everything from that point. Of course, you must have your product already up in the App Store or Google Play and this product must be ready to sell and in perfect conditions. Sounds simple, right? Not quite.

Having a good marketing platform is one of the steps to successfully selling a game but you have to configure the campaign and here is where you need an expert. You can do it yourself, same as you could do programming, graphic design, music composing and many more things, because you may think you can do anything, but doing it good is a different story. A good marketing guy can create successful marketing campaigns same as a good programmer will make better coding than a complete dummy who thinks he can do it. A thorough and very detailed research is necessary to create a successful and profitable marketing campaign, and you won’t get help from the advertising network.

Yeahmobi gets paid on a CPI basis, which means you will pay them per each successful install they generate for you, no matter if they play later or not. Yeahmobi guarantees all their installs are real ones coming from real users and real devices. Their pricing is very variable depending on countries and many other parameters but as a guideline, $0.1 per install is an average price. So, you just have to set a budget and they will deliver you as many installs as you paid for, as simple as that.

But that’s not the only service by Yeahmobi, they also offer App Store optimization. That’s another of the biggest mistakes of indie dummies, believing you just have to upload your game to the app store and people will download from there. Same as there are SEO strategies to boost your rank on search engines, there are also strategies to boost your rank in the App Store and Google Play store. Yeahmobi can take care of that for a fee which depends also on many factors and you’ll have to ask them if you are interested but what they will do for you is research your competitors and see what they are doing, design a cool app icon, cool screenshots, create a good landing page and design all the titles, meta tags, descriptions and keywords you need to get the maximum efficiency and the best quality traffic for your app. Marketing is all about visuals, the app icon is the first thing will be seen and this can turn on or off many users and later they expect to see screenshots and videos of your app. Plain text is not appealing at all so, they will take care of all that for you as well as to design app widgets.



  • Good traffic sources
  • Reasonable pricing
  • All traffic is targeted to mobile games and apps
  • Trusted by big companies


  • They don’t offer support on how to create good marketing campaigns
  • Their design prices are not as cheap as their CPIs.


If you created an app just for the sake of it, once you have finished the development process you can call it a success. However, if you plan to make money out of your app or game you need to sell it because, no matter how cool your game is nobody is going to know it unless you do something about it. Yeahmobi fills that gap by allowing you to create cheap marketing campaigns on a CPI basis and helping you to create a good App Store or Google Play landing page, icon, screenshots, videos and also designing the titles, the tags and meta tags and everything needed in order to sell what you developed with your hard work.

By A | 12/13/2016 | Product Analysis

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