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Leadbolt Mobile Advertising Ad Networks App

Leadbolt Mobile Advertising

by Leadbolt

High performance mobile advertising!
Helps with: Ad Networks
Similar to: Native widget advertising App YeahMobi Advertise App Mobvista Advertiser App MobFox Native Ads SDK App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

Reach and engage your audience with maximum efficiency.

Key Features

Acquire quality users – at scale Whether launching your app or growing your base, our expansive network of 65,000+ premium apps across 165 countries, delivers unlimited access to massive volume and quality users worldwide. Direct deals Take advantage of our direct relationships with chart-topping app developers, studios and providers in Leadbolt’s Direct Deals Marketplace. Get matched with best-fit partners for instant, proven and powerful campaign performance. High-impact ad formats Advanced demographic, geographic and contextual targeting technology lets you reach your audience with precision. Beautiful, expertly delivered mobile video ads, rich display and native ad campaigns let you captivate and convert. Choose from a range of campaign media buys: CPM, CPC, CPCV & CPI. Exceptional results What’s even better than more users? BETTER users. Leadbolt advertiser partners achieve exceptional quality campaign performance, exceeding industry benchmarks: * Stronger Lifetime Values (LTVs) * Higher Retention Rates * More Predictable, Consistent ROI


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For more details: https://www.leadbolt.com/advertiser-accounts/


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