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Appsfire SDK Ad Networks App

Appsfire SDK

by AppsFire

Monetize your apps and engage your users
Helps with: Ad Networks
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Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

The Appsfire SDK enables you monetize your apps and engage your users. You may use just the Monetization features, just the Engagement features, or both

Key Features

The Monetization features of Appsfire SDK allows you to: • Display ads in your application • Interstitial ads • A full-screen native ad unit for iPhone & iPad, we call it the Sushi. • A full-screen native ad unit that occurs outside the view of your app, resembling the iOS 7 Task Manager, we call it Uramaki. • In-stream native ads • An in-stream native ad unit which allows you to deeply integrate our ads in your application's design, we call it Sashimi. We provide templates for this ad unit, but you can create your own custom formats (note: custom ad units will be reviewed by our team). • A custom pull-to-refresh control which displays an ad during the refresh process, we call it Udon Noodle. The Engagement features are comprised of the following: • Push & in-app notifications. Note that push may not be used as a standalone product. Through the Appsfire Dashboard you can create in-app notifications that will be presented in your Notification Wall. You may also optionally deliver each in-app notification as as a push notification. • A feedback form for your app, in which you can respond to users via email and/or directly to their Notification Wall.


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