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MobFox Native Ads SDK Ad Networks App

MobFox Native Ads SDK

by MobFox

Monetize your app more effectively.
Helps with: Ad Networks
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Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CS Java Script

What is it all about?

MobFox Native Ads allow you to monetize your app more effectively by matching your app’s original look and feel.

Key Features

Fully Customizable Ad Experience When integrating MobFox native ads into an iOS or Android application, developers can fully customize the ad experience for the end-user and integrate the ads deeply into the app’s content. Our SDK provides the ability to choose from over seven different asset types, including dynamically-sized icons, images, and a whole array of different text assets. High Fill Rates & eCPMs Due to the much increased engagement and performance native ads provide compared to banner ads, advertisers are biting our hands off for native ad inventory, with fill rates in the US and Europe getting close to 100%. Demand for native ad traffic is likely to increase as we open native ads for more RTB demand partners in the coming weeks and months. Easy Integration When developing the MobFox native ad SDKs, we looked at our competitor’s SDKs and have much simplified the integration process of integrating native ads into an iOS or Android app. While still a little more complex than integrating a simple banner ad, most of our beta partners were able to get started displaying native ads after less a few hours of integration and testing.


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