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Silverlight Elements Controls App

Silverlight Elements

by Mindscapehq

Silverlight controls
Helps with: Controls,Web Controls
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What is it all about?

Silverlight Elements is a suite of 40+ controls.Silverlight Elements is a suite of production ready Silverlight controls designed to help you create stunning applications faster and more easily than ever before. Silverlight Elements contains 40+ beautifully crafted controls built supporting Silverlight 4.0 and, of course, all customers get Mindscape's legendary support and nightly builds!

Key Features

Controls included: ◾Silverlight HTML Editor: The only Silverlight HTML Editor that provides WYSIWYG editing of HTML control. The perfect editor for creating next generation web editing experiences. ◾Silverlight Scheduler: Create Outlook style calendar experiences in your Silverlight applications quickly with the Mindscape Silverlight Scheduler. ◾Silverlight Charting: Display data in your applications using the many different chart types provided in Mindscape Silverlight Elements. ◾Silverlight Book: Display content in a rich and interesting manner using the Silverlight Book control. ◾Silverlight Coverflow: Present information to your users in style with the Silverlight Coverflow control. Super configurable to create the experience you need. ◾Silverlight Color Pickers: Silverlight Elements includes both an Office style and Expression style color selection controls to improve the usability of any application. ◾Silverlight ListView & TreeListView: Work with data the way you need to - ListView and TreeListView controls are the data presentation choice for many applications. ◾Silverlight Outlook Bar: Build beautiful applications that your users will be familiar with by using the Silverlight Outlook Bar control for managing application areas. ◾Silverlight Progress Bar: Improve upon the default Silverlight progress bar with additional properties and the innovative dual progress bar control. ◾Silverlight Split Button: Snappy split buttons to give users multiple choices from a single button control where a selection of choices may be useful. ◾Silverlight Menu: Create traditional application menus with drop drown items and nested menu items to manage complex application capabilities. ◾Sliverlight Slider: Horizontal and vertical sliders, range sliders with many configuration options available to fine your tune user experience. ◾Silverlight Expander: Show and hide application content easily with expander controls that can be configured to work as you require. ◾Silverlight Time & Time Span Picker: Selecting and editing time values - either fixed times or time spans - has never been easier than with the Silverlight Time and Time Span Picker controls! ◾Silverlight Themes: All Mindscape Silverlight controls ship with 5 beautiful themes.


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