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SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Protection Management and Security App

SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Protection

by Webroot

Smarter Mobile Security Management
Helps with: Management and Security
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What is it all about?

Mobile security in minutes.
Set up, configure, and deploy to your devices without on premise hardware or software.

Key Features

Stop Malicious Apps Blocks mobile threats before they infect your phones or tablets. Reports reputation of downloaded apps. Secure Web Browsing & Downloads Protects employee and corporate identities and information. Lost Device Protection and Blocking Locate and lock lost or stolen devices. Blocks unwanted callers and SMS. Enforce Company Policies Requires employees to use a lock passcode to protect sensitive corporate email and information. Always Up-to-Date Webroot uses cloud data centers to protect all users from new threats in real time. Deploy in Seconds Over-the-air deployment for Android™ and iOS® devices. Online Portal Eliminate the need for an on premise solution. Offers user, device, and group management. High Performance Network and battery monitoring included. Small device footprint and ultra-fast scans mean minimal power consumption.


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for more details: http://www.webroot.com/us/en/business/products/mobile/


Yearly pricing starting at $15 for 10 Users


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