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Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile SDK Management and Security App

Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile SDK

by Entrust Datacard

Seamlessly embed strong authentication into an application’s mobile.
Helps with: Management and Security
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Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

The Entrust Software Development Kit (SDK) enables banks to seamlessly embed strong authentication into an application’s mobile session without requiring the user
to input a one-time passcode (OTP). This provides a simple and secure approach to
protect a user when their password has been compromised.

Key Features

• Provides financial institutions with a simple approach to deploying two-factor authentication to the mobile session without impacting the user experience • Leverages the mobile device to provide strong two-factor authentication and stops advanced malware attacks, such as man-in-the-browser • Enhances the security of transactions on mobile devices in a manner that is simple, quick and un-obtrusive for the user • Provides a single mobile application to meet mobile and online security needs • Support for leading mobile platforms including Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile (6.0-6.5) • Customizable to include organization specific branding for increased user acceptance


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For more information on Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile and the
platform’s SDK, contact the Entrust representative in your area
at 888-690-2424 or visit entrust.com/mobile.


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