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Centrify MAS SDK Management and Security App

Centrify MAS SDK

by Centrify

Active Directory-based authentication for mobile applications
Helps with: Management and Security
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Languages: Java Other

What is it all about?

A free, easy-to-deploy solution for delivering ‘Zero Sign-On’ to enterprise users by integrating your Mobile applications with Active Directory and/or Centrify’s cloud-based User Service

Key Features

* Free, high-level authentication API for mobile application developers * 'Zero Sign-On' for user access across multiple mobile applications; users who have enrolled their mobile device in the Centrify Cloud Service can, upon unlocking their device, gain seamless access to mobile apps built with the MAS SDK Coexists with other Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM) products, or use Centrify's free Express for Mobile cloud service * Strong authentication of the user of the device to the Centrify Cloud Service leveraging automatically managed PKI certificates without adding any new infrastructure * User authorization integrated tightly with Active Directory, eliminating the need for servers in the DMZ or opening firewall ports * Role-based centralized application authorization management leveraging Active Directory user and group assignments * Centralized session management limits the security token lifetime, ensuring useraccess is continuously validated * Centralized re-authentication controls ensure that the use of sensitive applications requires recent validation


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