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AirWatch Mobile Application Management Management and Security App

AirWatch Mobile Application Management

by AirWatch

Extend Core Security and Management to Your Apps
Helps with: Management and Security
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

AirWatch extends core security and management capabilities required by organizations across their enterprise apps. These core app feature sets, including configuration, authentication, connectivity, data loss prevention and auditing, are provided through three different AirWatch solutions: the AirWatch® Software Development Kit, AirWatch® App Wrapping and AirWatch® Mobile Device Management for apps developed following ACE documentation.

Key Features

* Configuration AirWatch enables custom configurations for applications including branding, URL port settings, license keys, language and region. With any solution approach, these configurations can be automated for IT and end users, reducing calls to the help desk and user frustrations. * Authentication and Single Sign On With multiple methods of authentication available, AirWatch removes the burden of repetitive logins by providing a single point of entry across all applications with single sign on capabilities. AirWatch can also pass authentication credentials to backend systems such as Kerberos, NTLM, certificate and Auth to provide seamless a user experience through automatic login of end points. * Connectivity AirWatch provides seamless integration with corporate networks anytime, anywhere. Ensure secure connectivity through user, device and application validation. Prevent outside applications from using the connection by enabling app tunneling through AirWatch® Tunnel, AirWatch® Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) or per-app VPN. Data Loss Prevention AirWatch gives administrators ultimate application security with advanced data loss prevention and network access control. Prevent data loss with features like user authentication, data encryption, data backup restrictions and compliance tracking. Geo-fence applications to a certain location, push time-based profiles to prevent app access after a certain time or restrict applications from accessing sensitive data while offline. * Manage network access to allow an app to only be used on a certain SSID. If a device is detected as non-compliant, wipe the application to prevent data loss. Auditing All device and console events are recorded in and viewable from the admin console. Administrators can configure logging levels and filter events by severity level, category or module. AirWatch enhanced analytics and reporting allow you to create and export application reports by user, device or group. * Development Approaches AirWatch Software Development Kit: The AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) is a flexible, granular solution that adds advanced security and management capabilities to applications during development. Apps developed with our SDK can be easily configured by IT in the admin console.


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