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by SAP

Tracks repository changes, and supports structured code reviews
Helps with: Code Review Tools
Similar to: Malevich App Parasoft Peer Review App Crucible App CAST Code Analysis App More...
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Languages: C Java Script Other

What is it all about?

ReviewNinja is a lightweight tool deeply integrated with GitHub that helps you perform code reviews quickly and efficiently. ReviewNinja supports hassle-free committing and merging through Pull Requests, with a simple voting system. Our primary focus is to make it easier to identify, review, and collaborate in code reviews so you can merge with confidence.

Key Features

* Compare relevant commits, and give them a ninja star if you like the changes... or add comments if you don't. * View the status of a pull request clearly before you merge confidently... and delete the branch after you merge. * It presents all the project information needed to commit a pull request and merge code confidently. * ReviewNinja stores the least amount of information from your GitHub account to make the app work. It ensures that the necessary data is up to date and the data is stored in GitHub only. None of your code is stored with ReviewNinja. * ReviewNinja integrates into as well as GitHub Enterprise. The application stack includes Node.js, Express, MongoDB and AngularJS. * ReviewNinja gives code review more structure than Pull Requests alone offer. * It also provides a status overview so that team members in other departments, such as product management or design, can quickly grasp the state of the project.


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