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Application Analytics Software
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What is it all about?

CAST code analysis technology is geared towards solving two fundamental problems. The first is that most modern IT systems are comprised of thousands of components, built by multiple teams and dozens of developers. Measuring the software quality across these systems requires careful calibration across multiple technologies, releases and clear identification of application boundaries.

Key Features

* The Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) - The AIP is designed to aid in the identification of software defects or vulnerabilities in order to: - Decrease Risk - Reduce Technical Debt - Manage Complexity - Gauge Application Size - Boost Development Productivity - Improve Software Quality * CAST AIP analyzes source code by categorizing each business function into a measurable unit. This allows for faster identification of reduced software quality, system vulnerabilities, and areas where productivity can be improved in a complex, multi-tiered infrastructure. * CAST Highlight - Highlight is a much lighter code analysis technology, which does not require source code to be collected in one place. Analyzed at the developer's or project manager's desktop, the source code never moves to another location. Highlight then aggregates the resulting size, risk and complexity metrics in one dashboard for a portfolio view. * Developer Code Analysis Tools - Most developers use static analyzers plugged into their Visual Studio, Eclipse or other IDE console. Often these are open source tools, such as FindBugs and PMD for Java. CAST AIP aggregates the results of any open source or proprietary set of code analysis tools into its overall management dashboards. This presents a continuous view of structural code quality throughout the development cycle.


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