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by Ooyala Inc.

The friendly code review system
Helps with: Code Review Tools
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: Java Script Ruby

What is it all about?

Barkeep is "the friendly code review system" — a fast, fun way to review code. Engineering organizations can use it to keep the quality bar high. With it you can watch commits made to any Git repository, see diffs, write comments, and have those comments emailed to your fellow committers.

Key Features

* Syntax-highlighted colored diffs - Staring at code at 2am is rough. These diffs are easy on the eyes. * Handsome good looks - Barkeep is lightweight and stays out of your face. It even comes with easter eggs to cheer you up — just type "i" when you're feeling uninspired. * Threadable comment emails - Subscribe to just comments, commits, or both. Barkeep only sends clean, plaintext emails. * Chock-full of hotkeys - No mouse required or your money back. Just type "?" on any page to see a list of keyboard shortcuts for that page. * Pure code review - Barkeep is unopinionated. Use it with pre-commit or post-commit workflows, and script tools on top of it if you like. Comes with a command line client and REST APIs. * Hackable - Everyone uses their code review system differently, so sometimes you want to hack something new in. Barkeep is a small codebase written in Ruby. It's easy to add features and APIs. Send a pull request on Github!


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