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The next generation of pull requests
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What is it all about?

Gitcolony reviews the code as it's been written, appoint a merger, select multiple people to review your work, discuss the best solutions with your peers, make sure all your code policies are applied and much more. If you use multiple repositories for the same project it’s almost impossible to review and keep track of all of them. Gitcolony automatically links PRs from different repos but with the same origin branch.

Key Features

* Partial code reviews - Gitcolony remembers your last review so you don't have to review things twice. * Business rules engine - We help reinforce the rules your team already follows informally. * EWS (Early Warning System) - We identify and notify you of incidents that need your attention. * Integration with QA - Manage the code review and QA processes in one place: code, issues, testing and conversations. * Track and measure - Metrics about your team's performance help making better data-driven decisions. * Integrations with dev tools - Gitcolony integrates with the services that your team uses on a daily basis. * Merge your PRs - Manage the whole development cycle: create the pull request, review it and merge it. * Up-to-date pull requests - New commits to the destination branch are automatically merged into your Pull Request. * Linked Pull Requests - We automatically link PRs from different repos but with the same origin branch so you can merge them simultaneously. * PRs marked as "in progress" - As long as the PR is in progress our business rules will not allow anyone to merge it. * Due date, mandatory and optional reviewers - Select multiple reviewers and get them notified when they're running out of time. * No more crazy forks! - Now you can appoint a specific person to merge the Pull Request. * Remote rebases, amend and squash - Gitcolony supports them, while still giving the chance to partially review your PRs. * Comments and issue system - Create issues or comments with a click. Managing conversations has never been easier. * Powerful Review - Search, browse, open, minimize and maximaze your files... * Extra functional context - Link your stories with your PRs and review also your code from a functional perspective.


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