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by Pylons

A small, fast, down-to-earth Python web framework.
Helps with: Web Frameworks
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: C Python

What is it all about?

Pyramid is a very general open source Python web framework. As a framework, its primary job is to make it easier for a developer to create an arbitrary web application. The type of application being created isn’t really important; it could be a spreadsheet, a corporate intranet, or a social networking platform. Pyramid is general enough that it can be used in a wide variety of circumstances.

Key Features

* Pyramid has always fit nicely into the existing world of Python web development (virtual environments, packaging, scaffolding, one of the first to embrace Python 3, etc.). Pyramid turned to the well-regarded WebOb Python library for request and response handling. In our example above, Pyramid hands hello_world a request that is based on WebOb. * In Pyramid views are the primary way to accept web requests and return responses. * Pyramid doesn't mandate a particular database system, form library, and so on. It encourages replaceability. This applies equally to templating, which is fortunate: developers have strong views about template languages. Pyramid doesn't prefer one templating language over another.


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