Eclipse RAP Web Frameworks App

Eclipse RAP

by The Eclipse Foundation

Enabling modular business apps for desktop, browser and mobile
Helps with: Web Frameworks
Similar to: Backbone js App knockoutjs App Spark App AppFuse App More...
Source Type: Open
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: Java

What is it all about?

RAP provides a powerful widget toolkit and integrates well with proven technologies such as OSGi and JEE. You can write your application entirely in Java, re-use code and benefit from first-class IDE tools.

Key Features

* RAP lets you develop modern web UIs with a real widget toolkit with SWT API, which includes powerful features like drag & drop, loading data on demand, inline editing, and drawing. * RAP runs in all relevant web browsers, without any add-ons required. Many advanced features like gradients are rendered even in browsers without CSS3 support. * RAP uses standard servlet technology and runs on any JEE servlet container. It integrates well with OSGi, but can also be used stand-alone. * RAP applications are written in Java, and you have the full power of Eclipse's development tools at hand. * With RAP, you can re-use your code for different target platforms. Even code that has been written for Eclipse RCP can run in a web browser.


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