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IBM Rational ALM Application Lifetime Management App

IBM Rational ALM

by IBM

Deliver quality software faster
Helps with: Application Lifetime Management
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What is it all about?

Lifecycle management capabilities built on the open, unifying IBM Rational® Jazz™ platform can help agile and traditional teams: see at-a-glance status, access better data for decisions, manage costs, reuse the most efficient processes across the organization, manage cloud, web, SOA and mobile application design and development. Teams can also gain real-time traceability, manage work across vendors, unify across a diverse set of lifecyle tools, and provide collaborative development for continuou

Key Features

* Real-time planning designed to link plans to actual work and improve time to delivery. * Lifecycle traceability to gain insights, make better decisions and improve software delivery management and predictability. * In-context collaboration about designs, requirements, plans, code and tasks to make better decisions from a single source of the truth. * Development intelligence to set measurable goals and track them easily. * Continuous improvement to provide incremental improvement and breakthrough improvement through automation and reuse of best practices.


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