Semmle Application Lifetime Management App


by Semmle

Software development and management made easy!
Helps with: Application Lifetime Management,Static Analysis
Similar to: IBM Rational ALM App Visual Studio Team Services App Mylyn App ReQtest App More...
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Languages: C CPP Java VB.NET Python Java Script Objective C Other

What is it all about?

Semmle has the unique ability to interpret the change history contained within your software repositories. This allows you to learn more about the behavior of your development teams and improve as an organization.

Key Features

* Semmle converts the source code change history in your software repositories into a knowledge base. Source code is deconstructed into a data model that interrelates the specific element types that compose your code, such as methods, expressions, variables, and so forth, with their location in the source code. * You can further enrich the knowledge base with other contextual data. This can include additional developer detail like job title, location, employer, cost, seniority, and skills. It can also include project-level information like bug reports. * Dashboards display visuals about your project portfolio, such as coding activity and quality over time. You can drill down into specific projects to view activity history for individual project team members. * Ad-hoc code exploration and repo mining are possible using Semmle QL, a declarative, object-oriented query language based on Datalog.


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