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I am currently Datascientist. Type of business or sector is: industries, health sector, finance, etc


Multimedia | Computer Vision | Data Handling | Web | Dev Tools | Algorithms | JavaScript | PHP | Graphics and Image Processing | XML | JSON | Face Recognition | OCR | Graph Libraries | Math Libraries | Linear Algebra | Scientific Libraries | Web Controls | Parallel Programming | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Static Analysis | Application Lifetime Management | Image Recognition | Web Frameworks | Design Tools | DevOp Tools | NoSQL DB


English Proficiency: Fluent
Other Languages: German


Personal Skills and Competences Expert in Machine Learning, in Applied Mathematics and Statistics Transferring research results into products through various cooperation; and also Deep Learning & Probabilistic Graphical algorithms and Grid technology development; Semantic Web and SOA knowledge; Cloud based integration and SOA architecture. Main interests focus on visual information processing, intelligent decision supporting via Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Retrieval; extraction semantic features and knowledge. Current research interest includes Cloud Computing Law; Mediation Conciliation Negotiation research with mobile multi-agents system; and on the other hand agent-based modelling and new advanced technologies (including economic, mathematical and physics innovations); Big Data, Social Media and Convergence;WiMax (802.16), GPRS, DECT, UWB related to communication mechanisms and protocols; vehicle ad-doc networks (VANET), QoS support in IEEE 802.11 based networks .Future Internet Design & Applications. 4G LTE wireless communication networks in a real radio environment causes the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).5G Network management and software network. Member of:(1)NESSI (Networked European Software and Services Initiative)-PME Group & NESSI-Semantic Technologies Working Group; (2)AgentLink and Agentcities Group; (3) OASIS Technical Committee; (4) French clusters such as: System@tic, Finances Innovation,MovéO and Advancity. Financial analysis projects using Machine Learning algorithms. Monte Carlo methods in financial engineering. Many contats with Kraggle Data Science and Analytics Vidhya. Python and R programming languages skills.


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