ConnectALL Application Lifetime Management App


by Go2Group

It supports most enterprise-class ALM systems
Helps with: Application Lifetime Management
Similar to: IBM Rational ALM App Visual Studio Team Services App Mylyn App ReQtest App More...
Source Type: Closed
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: Other

What is it all about?

Unify your teams, processes, and data with ConnectALL, an enterprise-class solution that accelerates software development and enhances collaboration. Everyone in your organization can continue to work in the ALM system they choose. No more copying and pasting between systems. No more email to communicate details between teams. ConnectALL synchronizes data, workflow, and requirements – automatically!

Key Features

* It supports most enterprise-class ALM systems giving you a stable and integrated platform for change management, requirements gathering, quality management, version control, and project management. * Develop to the full potential of Agile development methodology. Automatically unified ALM systems improve speed, flexibility, and cross-functional collaboration. * Automatic, bi-directional data synchronization integrates distributed systems. Global teams and OEMs collaborate in near real-time, with limited access to your main systems and other projects. * See the complete picture in one ALM tool while you allow different teams to use their preferred applications. * ConnectALL eliminates confusion and errors. It automatically detects and resolves conflicts in the ALM systems with its built-in, robust conflict detection mechanism. * ConnectALL is easy to configure, to meet your unique needs. Customize mappings for tight integration and collaboration between ALM systems. * Send instant notifications to HipChat and other ChatOps tools for faster collaboration between teams, and turn conversations to actions. * Customize business rules with flexible customization that meets every need. * The type of deployment allows for volume driven economics yielding the highest operational efficiency and lowest ongoing maintenance efforts through a single server instance. * Flexible pricing.


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