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Apache Wicket

by Apache

Write maintainable, secure and scalable web applications.
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What is it all about?

Wicket is one of the few survivors of the Java serverside web framework wars of the mid 2000's. Wicket is an open source, component oriented, serverside, Java web application framework. With a history of over a decade, it is still going strong and has a solid future ahead. Learn why you should consider Wicket for your next web application.

Key Features

* Leverage what you know about Java or your favourite HTML editor to write Wicket applications. With pure Java code and HTML markup Wicket is the go-to web framework for purists. * URLs do not expose sensitive information and all component paths are session-relative. Wicket keeps your model private except those parts you explicitly expose. * Write Ajax applications without having to write a single line of JavaScript code. Wicket's Ajax functionality makes it trivial to update selected parts of a UI, and comes with a great selection of basic Ajax components. * Create high level components with ease and bundle its stylesheets, JavaScript and other resources into one reusable package. * Wicket lets you get started in your own language, or a second language with no effort. You can provide alternative languages on the application, page, or even component level. * Global JavaScript libraries and CSS styling mix properly with component local JavaScript and CSS resources. You can use custom component libraries that ship with default JavaScript behaviour and CSS styling, without having to do anything yourself. Creating such self-contained component libraries is as easy as creating a JAR file. * Wicket's automatic state storage ensures that your users can open pages in new tabs and windows without causing problems. * Test your pages without having to run inside a browser, or start a container. Test your components directly, check their rendered markup tags, attributes and contents with ease.


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