Templater Reporting App


by Templater

Reporting Library
Helps with: Reporting
Similar to: Nevron Vision for SSRS App Nevron Vision for SharePoint App Telerik Reporting App JasperReports App More...
Source Type: Open - Extra Fee
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C Java

What is it all about?

Templater is a small reporting library with a minimal interface Word/ Excel to create report templates and just fill them with data. Templater a mail-merge library and supports collections, nested collections and can create very complex reports.

Key Features

* Tags as text: You can use any Office-like editor to create your templates. (Microsoft Office, Open Office, LibreOffice, ...) You can use any formatting tool your editor provides (font, color, alignment or any advanced formatting options) Templates are ordinary documents and can be managed and edited directly by clients. * Property navigation / method invocation: Use the dot operator to select properties of your objects, like you would in your application Reuse existing domain objects: “There are [[User.ShoppingCart.Count]] items in your cart” You can also navigate fields and invoke methods without arguments: “MD5 checksum:[[Torrent.MD5Hash.ToLower]] ” * Intuitive DSL: “Monthly income for [[date]:format(MM/yyyy)]” Initials: “[[FirstName]:substring(0,1)]. [[LastName]:substring(0,1)].” Define your own with DSL with plugins.”


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