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Output Messenger PHP App

Output Messenger

by Srimax Software System PVT LTD

collaboration tools used in the business world today
Helps with: Business Intelligence,General Networking,PHP
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What is it all about?

Output Messenger is a distraction-free collaboration tool which brings all your communications at one place. You can avail persistent chat rooms, one-to-one chat, searchable chat history, file sharing via drag & drop and clipboard , Hotkeys etc. This intranet messenger provides you centralized control on user groups and client settings . Moreover, its now having in-built private social network.


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Key Features

* Instant Messaging * Chat Room * File Transfer * Reply Message * Forward Message * Video Calls and Conferencing * Remote Desktop Sharing * Internal Mailing * Notes * Reminder * History Logs * OTR (Off-the-Record) * Announcements * Alert on Status Change * Hide User/Group * Custom Status with Auto Reply * Preset Mess * Multiple Views * Shortcuts * Preset Messages / Escape Messages * Change Font/Size/Colour * Smiley and Business icons * Mobile App: Instant Messaging * Mobile App: File Transfer


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Perpetual license 5 users $14 per user


Yearly pricing starting at $30 for 5 Users

Lifetime pricing starting at $70 for 5 Users

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