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Integrate Mobile Payments Into Your App
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Simple and powerful mobile payment integration

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* Free SDK's * Android & iOS * Kickback on every transaction


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Product Analysis


Mobile Payments SDKs



By Hugo Ray | 11/23/2016 | Product Analysis |Beginners

Mintegrate is the mobile payment solution by Mint Payments. As any other payment solution, Mintegrate strives to offer a quick and reliable service for companies and end users. Mintegrate has a lot of features and advantages for developers, here is a summarized list of them.


Mint Wireless, the main company behind Mintegrate created this payment solution with the idea to allow mobile developers to integrate mobile payments in their applications in an easy and swift way. The Mintegrate platform works on iOS and Android devices and it is so easy to integrate in your app that you won’t actually need to do much. Mintegrate comes with a Software Developer Kit (SDK) and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to make it easier for developers to integrate it in their apps. All help is welcome when you are developing an app.

Using mobile phones and tablets to collect payments is rapidly increasing among the small and medium enterprises, and this is the target of Mintegrate. This SDK is designed to satisfy the needs of medium and small enterprises more than the big ones. This trend has been confirmed in the last two years and seems it is steadily growing. Mintegrate wants to target the whole Australian market which is comprised by 96 percent of small and medium enterprises according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This service was born in Australia and, at the time writing, is only available in that country.

Mint Wireless and Mint Payments are not a new player on the scene. They have been developing mobile payment solutions since 2007 and, with Mintegrate, they want to create a powerful mobile payment integration that satisfies medium and small enterprises but it is also important to satisfy the end user by offering them a fast service.

It offers everything you should expect from a payment solution. You expect it to be safe and you expect it to be fast and accurate. There are not much more to ask for a payment solution, except for their fees. Of course, the less fees the better and here is where we can’t really tell what you will be paying if you use their services. As many payment solutions, Mintegrate isn’t telling exactly how much you are going to pay. Basically, their pricing packages vary a lot depending on the volume of transactions, which is not what you would like when you are a small or medium enterprise. However, they do not charge any setup fees and there is a standard transaction fee for all the accepted card types. The on-boarding process is very simple and all you have to do is to set up an Australian bank account and all the collected funds will go there. Not much more to say about that, it is the right way to do things. The card reader works well on iOS and Android so; merchants can get the card payments with any cell phone or tablet. The card reader is very affordable and easy to use by the end-user.

The fee percentage given as a commission on each transaction initiated through the application is of 10 percent at the time writing. This is very good if you are a developer who is going to make a point of sales system, because using Mintegrate will grant you a lifetime revenue. Mintegrate has been integrated in some PoS services like Mobile ViViPOS. This one is focused to the hospitality sector and allows customers to pay at the dining table. This is good for the developer who made the app and will get a revenue share, good for the restaurant that is providing a good and swift service to the customers and great for the customer who can pay at the dining table without having to hand the card over. Mintegrate is PCI-DSS compliant and, since it has been developed by Mint Wireless, it is expected to have the cutting-edge technology this company has been showing in the latter years.

With an estimated value of US$20 billion in 2016, the mPOS transactions are a very juicy business in Australia (Data provided by Mint Wireless). The direct benefits to use Mintegrate are a very fast and easy integration for the developer and a faster and better customer service for the end user. Accepting mobile payments greatly reduces the income losses due to transpositional errors that usually happen with AFTPOS terminals and besides, the manual reconciliation is greatly reduced.



  • Easy to integrate on any app.
  • Works with a SDK, fast and easy to develop the app.
  • Mobile payment solution, they seem to be the future.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Fast payments.
  • No setup fees.
  • Provides a 10% revenue share for the developers using it as a mPOS for their apps.


  • It only works for the Australian market.
  • Their pricing plans are not very clear.
  • A handsome amount of transactions is needed to get a good pricing plan.


Considering the raid growth of mPOS and their adoption by many enterprises, Mintegrate seems to be on the track to be one of the leaders in the Australian market. Medium and Small companies are the gross of the companies in Australia so, providing useful services for them seems like a good idea. The payment processor itself is very reliable and good and compliant with all the requirements of the country. Mint Wireless is the company behind them, which is a big name behind the brand and you always want that for a payment solution. Probably, the worst of all this is the price. And we say probably because there is no way to know the price until you contact with them and you start using it, which is not a policy we like. However, there are no setup fees so it is not expensive to give them a try and see how much are you paying per transaction and check by yourself it this is a good solution for your app or not.

By Hugo Ray | 11/23/2016 | Product Analysis

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