Kairos Face Recognition App


by Kairos AR Inc.

Human Analytics, Face Recognition and Analysis
Helps with: Face Recognition
Similar to: Face Plus Plus App Luxand FaceSDK 7.0 App VeriLook App Betaface API App More...
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Languages: Java VB.NET Python Ruby Other

What is it all about?

Kairos is a Human Analytics platform designed for innovative, data driven businesses. Kairos' human analytics platform gives you access to leading face analysis algorithms. Search, match, remember and measure people in video, photos or the real-world. Intergrate this data anywhere.

Key Features

* Find faces and landmarks such as eyes, nose and mouth in photos. * Search for one-to-many matches. Answers the question “Who is this person?” * Get access to one of the world's best face analysis engines. * Search for one-to-one matches. Answers the question “Is this Elizabeth?” * You can separate faces into galleries for easy searching and categorization. * This fixes the pose, lighting and rotation of faces in your photos. * Measure smiles, engagement time, number of glance, and attention span. * Detects gender and assign a probability score to each detected face. * Detects approximate age and groups faces as very young, young, adult, or senior. * Real-time triggered events based on captured data are possible within 100 milliseconds.


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