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Eyeris Emovu SDK Face Recognition App

Eyeris Emovu SDK

by Emovu

Emotion Recognition Software
Helps with: Face Recognition
Similar to: Kairos App VeriLook App Face Plus Plus App FaceX App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CPP Java VB.NET Other

What is it all about?

EmoVu software embeds into the environment passively to accurately identify users, understand their emotions and personalize their individual experiences via intelligent adaptive interfaces. It offers a wealth of Emotional, Engagement and Demographics data that allows third party applications to better understand mobile users’ emotional engagements and demographics while they interact with videos, apps, games, websites…etc. These predictive emotional analytics can then be leveraged by desktop de

Key Features

* Emotion Recognition - This module produces continuous intensity measurement for seven universal expressions including joy, anger, sadness, surprise, disgust, fear, and neutral. * Gender Recognition - This module produces a gender label and a corresponding confidence measure for each face within the image. * Age Recognition - This module outputs one of four discrete age group labels for each face in the image as well as a corresponding confidence measure. The labels consist of Child, Young Adult, Adult, and Senior. * Face Recognition - This module outputs an identity for each face within the image. The user simply enrolls images for a set of subjects with varying pose and lighting conditions and the module will automatically generate a face recognition database. The generated model can then be easily applied to a new face image to retrieve an identity label and a corresponding confidence measure. * Facial Tracker - This module provides a bounding box, facial landmark locations, and head pose information for each face detected in the image. A tracking id is also provided to identify a particular face across frames. * Engagement and Mood Metrics - This module computes a set of engagement and mood metrics based on the emotion recognition results.


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