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Extract web data the easy way
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What is it all about? combines the benefit of automatic list extraction and flexible point and click interface – all on the web. Their advanced technology can automatically extract your data in seconds. Just enter the URL and let their algorithms do all the work!

Key Features

* Automatic data extraction - So powerful – it feels like magic. * JavaScript supported - Don’t let JavaScript stand between you and web data. * API enabled - Use our simple REST API to send live data anywhere. * No coding. Seriously. - Point and click. It's that simple. * Schedule your extraction - The web is always changing. Now, so will your data. * Awesome integrations - Instantly send data to your favorite viz or analytics tool. * Seamless scalability - Extract data from 1,000’s of web pages instantly. * No Download Required - No installs. Enjoy the freedom. * One Workflow - Chose the website not the tool. Simplification at its best.


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