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What is it all about?

Connotate increases content harvesting capacity, drives down content extraction costs, and simplifies downstream operations. the platform is scalable, precise and reliable – combining a visual approach with advanced machine learning to transform data supply chain.

Key Features

* Point-and-Click Agent Creation: Easily create extraction agents simply by browsing websites – no coding required. * JavaScript Injection: Connotate automatically handles complex navigation, such as selecting menu items and options in drop-down controls. * Visual Content Tagging: Extract only the precise content you need by tagging it as you browse webpages, reducing downstream processing requirements. * Database Extraction: Integrate webpage and database content, including content from SQL databases and MongoDB. * Connotate-Optimized Browser: Automatically extract over 95% of sites without programming, including complex JavaScript-based dynamic site technologies, such as Ajax. * Full Story Extract: Automatically extract full stories simply by selecting headlines. * User Behavior Recording: Agents learn how to navigate websites simply by observing how users navigate them when creating agents. * Multi-Page Story Extraction: Easily extract content that spans multiple pages by following next/more links. * Intelligent Machine Learning: Agents adapt automatically to most website changes, reducing maintenance costs by more than 90%. * Language-Agnostic: Extract content from sites in any language * Automated Login: Easily pass credentials to websites to access protected content. * PDF Retrieval: Automatically download PDFs and other files from websites. * Form and Parameter Filling: Easily extract dynamically generated content by automatically filling in forms and other parameters taken from databases or spreadsheets. * SDK: Extend Connotate to extract content from any site, no matter how complex. * Intelligent Site Navigation: Up to 10 times better extraction performance, as well as lower footprints on sites being extracted.


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