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extracting data from websites and storing it in a structured
Helps with: Scraping,XML
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Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

Content-Grabber is a web scraping and web automation. It can extract content from almost any website and save it as structured data in various formats, including Excel reports, XML, CSV and most databases.

Key Features

Optimized web browsers: Web browsers are used to load and parse web pages, and Content Grabber has a range of different browsers to achieve maximum performance in every scenario - from a fully dynamic web browser to the ultra-fast HTML5 parser only browser. Fine tuning: All web scraping tools spend most of their time waiting for new web pages to load, so it’s important to optimize this process. Debugging: Content Grabber has one of the best debuggers of any web automation software, and this will help you build reliable agents where all issues that can be resolved at design time are resolved at design time. Error handling: Many web scraping errors are unavoidable even with the best designed agents, and this is where error handling comes into play. One example could be an unreliable website that suddenly starts returning only error pages, and requires a web browser restart to start functioning again. Ease-of-Use: The Content Grabber agent editor has a typical point and click user interface where you click on the content you want to extract, or on the buttons and links you want to follow. Data: Data is everything when it comes to web scraping. Content Grabber allows you to load data from any source and use it in your agents for anything you need. You can also export extracted data to almost anywhere. This flexibility is key - enabling your technology to grow with your business. Scripting: No one wants to write scripts to get things done and with Content Grabber you rarely have to. However, if you have some unusual requirements, or you need to fine tune some process, it's nice to know the ability is there.


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