Imagga API Image Recognition App

Imagga API

by Imagga Technologies

Analyze, organize and search through large collections of images.
Helps with: Image Recognition
Similar to: ViSearch API App Pastec App Idee PixID App Image Recognition API App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: VB.NET Objective C Ruby Other

What is it all about?

Imagga is an Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service providing Image Tagging APIs for developers & businesses to build scalable, image intensive cloud apps.

Key Features

* Save time & money - We automate your image annotation tasks that would take huge amounts of time and resources if performed manually. * Powerful image recognition - We deliver an outstanding performance in terms of time needed to process large photo volumes with a very high precision rate. * Self-learning solution - Our image recognition engine gets smarter thanks to you. The algorithms adapt to reflect your needs and learn your set of metadata.


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14.00 USD per month – Developer
79.00 USD per month – Indie
349.00 USD per month – Pro
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