Clarifai Image Recognition App


by Clarifai Inc

Understand your image and video data
Helps with: Image Recognition
Similar to: ViSearch API App Pastec App Idee PixID App Image Recognition API App More...
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Languages: Java Python Java Script Ruby Other

What is it all about?

The Clarifai API offers image and video recognition as a service. Whether you have one image or billions, you are only steps away from using artificial intelligence to 'see' what's inside your visual content.

Key Features

* Tagging - Automatically tag your images and video by content. Search and analyze your visual data without relying on additional text descriptions. * Similar Images - Sometimes words just don't capture what you're looking for. With Clarifai visual search, query with an image to discover others like it. * Video - Rip through lengthy videos much faster than real-time and get more detailed time-series tags than any human could provide! * Custom Models - Looking for something in particular? Let's work together to design a solution for your problem then access it from the API.


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Free – 5000 units per month
19.00 USD per month – 20000 units per month
99.00 USD per month – 40000 units per month
219.00 USD per month – 100000 units per month
479.00 USD per month – 250000 units per month
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