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by Browse Lab Inc

Dynamic Web-based Help Authoring
Helps with: Help Authoring
Similar to: Author-it App ClickHelp App App Doc-O-Matic App More...
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What is it all about?

HelpConsole provides the unique ability to publish 'dynamic help' systems that can be uploaded to an existing website, allowing authors to quickly add content and make changes from anywhere using a standard web-browser.

Key Features

* Dynamic Web-based Help Authoring * Update From Anywhere - Edit your dynamic help system right from your website using a standard browser. Simply log in, make changes and then log out. * Create a Help System * Create a Knowledgebase to allow your customers to quickly find solutions to product issues without having to submit support tickets or call your support department * Add Videos * Mobile Support * Language Support * Page Ratings and Comments * Design environment and extensive features * Multi-author collaboration


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